Window Styles Hoover AL

Window styles Hoover AL

Window styles Hoover AL provide both style and function, and there are many types to choose from. Some promote better air circulation, which improves indoor comfort and benefits the environment. Others provide natural lighting, create seating or display areas and help reduce heating and cooling costs.

A good local window installation service will offer professional guidance on choosing the right windows for your home. They will also install the new windows.


Single-hung windows are a popular choice for historic homes because they accommodate the aesthetic of older architecture. However, they also work well in modern home designs. They are available in many colors, styles, and materials and can be used in a variety of home designs.

While single-hung windows have a fixed top, their bottom sash can be opened to allow airflow in the house. This allows for more natural light to flow into a space and improves ventilation.

However, the window’s top sash cannot be pried open from the outside, making it difficult to break in. Single hung windows are also cheaper than double-hung windows. Therefore, they are a great option for those who want to save money on their energy bills. They also fit within most homeowners’ budgets.


Double-hung windows are the perfect balance of utility and aesthetics. These windows feature two vertically sliding sashes that open and close horizontally, allowing you to crack the top or bottom window for improved ventilation.

They also tilt in for easy cleaning. Simply unlock the windows and raise them about 2”. Move the wash assist tabs and tilt the upper sash towards you, carefully resting it on the lower sash. This style is available in a variety of sizes and styles, including awning, casement, bay, bow, and picture windows. You can even get a custom size to fit your home’s architecture. Energy-efficient double-hung windows save money on heating and cooling costs thanks to insulating glass that prevents outdoor temperatures from impacting indoor ones. Choose the SolarZone TG2 Elite insulated glass package to reduce solar heat accumulation, minimize interior glare, and keep your house at a more comfortable temperature year-round.

Sliding Sash

If you want your windows to open wide, consider sliding sash window options. These windows offer excellent ventilation without requiring the space of a traditional hinged design. They are ideal for areas with large horizontal spaces that might be near walkways or outdoor living spaces.

Sliding sash windows are also popular due to their aesthetic appeal. They feature a traditional English style that is particularly suited to Georgian, Regency, or Victorian homes. They are perfect for new builds or renovations in these period properties, and they can be adapted to suit modern homes by using contemporary welded frames.

The sash frame is made of timber rails and stiles that hold panes of glass. These are held by glazing bars that create a traditional English look. These are combined with a box sash frame, cheeks, and sash head that house a system of pulleys, weights, and counterweights to allow the sash to be opened and closed.


Bay windows consist of a central window flanked by smaller windows on both sides, creating a semi-hexagonal space that adds an incredible new architectural dimension to your home’s interior. The angled structure provides stunning views, natural light and extra storage space. Bow windows are similar, but they consist of four to six window panes in a curved configuration to create an elegant nook that’s perfect for reading or enjoying the outdoors.

Picture windows are a stationary type of window that’s meant to bring in natural light and offer expansive views of your surroundings. These windows can’t be opened for ventilation, but they provide a beautiful and unobtrusive way to add architectural elegance to your home. Schedule a consultation with a top window installation business in Hoover AL today to find the perfect style for your home!


Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but they don’t protrude as far from the home. They are typically made up of three window units, also known as lites, and they can be configured to meet the needs of any homeowner.

They let in more natural light and create a sense of extra space inside your home. They also provide a beautiful view of the outdoors. They can be combined with a fixed picture window or vented casement window for added efficiency.

Any new window will increase your home’s value, but bay and bow windows add even more. They are especially effective when you install ENERGY STAR windows that reduce outdoor noise and help your HVAC system work less hard to heat and cool your house.