Troubleshooting Vinyl Windows in Hoover AL

Vinyl windows Hoover AL

Vinyl windows are popular in Hoover AL because they’re affordable, durable, and energy-efficient. However, they do have some issues that can affect their performance. These issues include separating mitered corners, sagging, and a shortened inside sash track.

Find a window installation professional that can help you choose the right vinyl type for your home. You should also consider the warranty, energy efficiency, and maintenance costs.


Windows are an essential component of a home’s style, function and overall feel. As a result, they can’t be ignored or replaced lightly. According to the 2022 Cost Vs Value Report from Remodeling Magazine, new window installation is one of the best ways to increase your home’s resale value.

The first step to a quality window installation is finding a local installer. Look for a contractor with a solid reputation and a portfolio of satisfied customers. You should also ask the company about warranty fees and permit costs before hiring them.

This Hoover AL homeowner opted to turn her outdoor living area into a multi-season room by adding an Eze-Breeze 4-track vinyl windows system. The windows provide excellent ventilation, while still keeping the space warm and cozy on cooler days. In addition, the windows will allow her to use her outdoor living space for more hours of the year. However, she is disappointed with one aspect of the new windows: the vinyl filler at the top of the inside sash does not extend to the top of the upper dash stop plate.


Many homeowners are drawn to vinyl replacement windows due to their durability, longevity, and low maintenance costs. Unlike aluminum frames that corrode over time and wooden frames that require regular painting, vinyl windows resist heat and cold better than any other material. They also provide superior insulation for your home, keeping warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

Replacing the glass in your vinyl window is a fairly simple process that only requires a utility knife, a drill, and a caulking gun. Start by measuring the window frame with a tape measure and noting the width and height. Once you have the measurements, remove the old caulking and pry off the wooden stops around the window.

Then, using your utility knife, cut a piece of jamb liner slightly larger than the size of your window frame. Apply a small bead of caulking around the edges to ensure an airtight seal. Once everything is dry, you’re ready to enjoy your new vinyl window!

Energy Efficiency

New vinyl windows are more energy-efficient than old, worn out windows. They prevent heat and cold from escaping, and help reduce the amount of money homeowners spend on heating and cooling. Additionally, they reduce a home’s carbon footprint.

They are also watertight, resisting even the heaviest rain. They are made of a sturdy type of polymer that is impervious to moisture and can withstand many freeze-thaw cycles. Additionally, unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t rot or attract insects.

Choosing the right window material is an important decision that depends on a homeowner’s energy efficiency objectives, Hoover climate and aesthetic preferences. Before selecting a company, it is recommended to check their credentials and customer reviews online. You should also ask a prospective contractor for references from previous clients. Ideally, the company should have an impressive track record and a wide variety of styles. They should also have a good warranty and labor guarantee. Additionally, a reputable company will be environmentally conscious and use biobased plasticizers in their vinyl.


Many homeowners treat vinyl windows like glass windows, which can lead to a build-up of dirt and stains. It’s important to use mild cleaning solutions, soft cloths or sponges, and avoid abrasive materials that can scratch the surface of the window. You should also check the seals or caulking for cracks and shrinkage. These tips will help your replacement windows last longer.

Vinyl window sash and frame should be cleaned regularly with a mixture of mild water and soap. Avoid harsh cleaners and bleach, which can damage surfaces and cause yellowing on white frames. Also, be sure to clean any exposed sash tracks or balance coils on double-hung and horizontal sliders.

In addition to lubricating moving parts, you should spray silicone lubricant on a rag and apply it to the track. This will prevent the lubricant from leaving a residue on your window glass. Once you’ve wiped the track, open and close the window several times to distribute the lubricant evenly.