Door Styles Hoover AL

Door styles Hoover AL

Whether you’re building new or remodeling an existing home, door styles Hoover AL will add character and value to your property. Whether your style is eye-catching, bold or classic, a local designer can help you choose the perfect door for your new K. Hovnanian(r) home.

Located on the southern edge of Birmingham, this burgeoning suburb boasts hiking at Moss Rock Trails and shopping at the Riverchase Galleria.


If you want your home to have a modern feel, opt for a contemporary front or interior door style. These doors usually have a flat surface with no raised panels or other embellishments. They also have neutral colors that blend well with most household designs. They are a great choice for minimalists who appreciate simplicity and elegance.

Those who are more into rustic or farmhouse styles may want to consider a plank door model. This type of door is made up of individual planks of wood that are cut and crafted to fit together for a durable and beautiful result. The design of these doors makes them a great option for those who like one-of-a-kind products and an artisan look.

Other popular door trends are more subtle, such as the shaker style. This simple door style features thick borders and straight lines, which offer a clean backdrop for other features in your home. It is a good option for those who prefer to keep their door design minimal and elegant.


Craftsman-style homes emphasize workmanship and feature unique elements like dentil shelves. These details are a staple of this architectural style and are also commonly found on entry doors. Front doors designed in the craftsman style typically have rectangular glass windows and panels, with a dentil shelf on either side of the door opening to establish depth.

Upgrading your residential front door is an excellent way to improve curb appeal while enhancing your home’s security. Our SMOOTH fiberglass collection features panel embossments, rail lines and stile lines that complement modern homes. They are also energy-efficient and durable, offering added protection from the elements.

Black entry doors are a sleek, modern element that improves curb appeal and adds an eye-catching focal point to any traditional or farmhouse-style home. Pair these doors with custom glass elements or sidelights to enhance your home’s beauty. Interested in a new home near the Cahaba River? Contact us for more information about our newest community.


Sliding doors, also known as gliding doors, allow you to connect your indoors and outdoor spaces with ease. They create wide transitions that let in gorgeous natural light and eliminate the need for opening a door, which allows for better movement within a space.

They can be either single or multiple panels that open on a track or glide on hanging rollers. They are usually made of wood or glass and can be installed in a variety of ways, including as patio doors, closet doors, or room dividers. They are often differentiated by their handedness; a left-hand sliding door opens on the left and a right-hand sliding door opens on the right.

Sliding door systems should be built to withstand frequent use without jamming or catching. A well-designed system will incorporate several mechanisms to help prevent damage over time, such as using shims for proper positioning and rechecking gaps at all angles and heights. These details are key for creating a smooth, quiet and sturdy system.