Window Contractors Hoover AL – Why Durante Windows Are Better Than Older Windows

Aside from enhancing the beauty and function of your home, new windows also reduce the strain on your heating and cooling system and could save you money on energy costs. However, not all windows are created equal.

When choosing a window installation company, choose one that offers high-quality windows. This will help you save on energy bills and protect your home from future damage.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Choosing energy-efficient windows is one of the best ways to save money on your utility bills. The amount of savings depends on the type and condition of your current home windows. Old single-pane windows are the least energy efficient, while double- or triple-pane windows made with treated glass can save you a significant amount of money. Additionally, new energy-efficient windows are eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $600.

Besides saving you money on your energy bills, energy-efficient windows can improve the comfort of your home by keeping the temperature stable day and night. This means that you won’t need to rely on your heating or cooling system as much. Furthermore, these windows have soundproofing capacities that can block out traffic noise. They also require less maintenance and don’t have a tendency to develop mildew. When shopping for energy-efficient windows, look for those with low U-factors. These windows will save you the most money on your energy bills.

Durante Windows Are Made With Only the Best Materials

Aside from looking great, Durante windows are also built with high-quality materials that will protect your home from the elements. They are designed with polymer foam insulation and multiple glass panes that help reduce heat transfer, which helps to keep indoor temperatures stable year-round. This will put less strain on your HVAC system, and could even save you money on energy bills.

All of their replacement windows are made from fusion-welded frames and sashes that resist air and water infiltration. They also feature a premium PVC vinyl that won’t warp, rot, or decay. This means that they will continue to perform well and look beautiful for years to come.

Durante Home Exteriors also offers a range of window styles to fit any home’s aesthetic. For example, they can install a bay window that will let in more light and enhance your view of the outdoors. They can also install a garden window that will add a unique design element to your home while allowing you to grow plants and flowers inside.

Durante Windows Are Available in a Wide Range of Styles

Durante windows are available in a variety of styles, including gliding, picture, casement, and awning. They can be installed as a full-frame installation or as pocket installations, which do not replace the frame but rather add windows to an existing wall. Both options offer a high level of energy efficiency, as they help to insulate your home from outdoor temperatures and reduce the strain on your HVAC system.

They come in a wide range of colors and woodgrain patterns, so you can find the style that suits your home best. You can also select from a number of window hardware accessories to enhance your new purchase.

All Durante replacement windows are designed with fusion-welded frames and sashes that provide added strength. They also feature energy-efficient technology, such as foam-filled frames and low-emissivity glass to prevent heat loss and keep your indoor temperature stable year-round. Their SolarClean self-cleaning glass provides added comfort by breaking down the adhesion of dirt and grime on window surfaces while allowing rain or a simple water spray to rinse it away.

Durante Windows Are Built to Last

Durante windows are made with strong, long-lasting PVC vinyl. They’re resistant to rot, warping and decay, and they never need to be painted. The frames and sashes are also fusion-welded, which creates an impenetrable barrier that prevents air leakage and drafts. This means that your home will be warmer and more energy-efficient.

New windows will help you save money every month on your energy costs. They’ll keep your home cool by absorbing and reflecting radiant heat from the sun, and they’ll reduce your air conditioning bills in the winter by keeping warm air inside.

Our windows are designed for the unique climate conditions found in North Alabama and Middle Tennessee. The weather can range from rain to snowfall to blazing hot temperatures, but Durante’s windows are built to last through any kind of weather condition. They can also be custom sized and shaped to fit your unique space. Durante even offers garden windows, which add a unique flair to your kitchen or dining room.