Buying Windows in Hoover AL

Buying windows in Hoover AL

Boost your home’s efficiency and save money with new windows. Our experts can help you choose a style that complements your home and will look great for years to come.

Before hiring a window installation company, check their reputation and references. Also, inquire about their warranty fees and labor costs. Then, compare their prices to the market rate.

1. Energy Efficiency

Windows account for 25 percent of the energy lost in homes, according to government research. However, the loss can be drastically reduced by using double-paned windows or installing energy efficient window technologies like low-E glass.

The frame material you choose for your window will also influence its performance. Wood, fiberglass, aluminum and composite frames have different price points, life spans and energy efficiency capabilities. Wood is an excellent insulator and can stand up to Alabama’s hot and humid weather.

When shopping for new windows, look for ENERGY STAR and NFRC ratings. These ratings are based on a window’s U-factor, which measures how much heat passes through the window, and its solar transmittance, which measures how well it absorbs and releases sunlight. The higher the ratings, the more energy efficient a window is.

2. Increased Curb Appeal

Your windows play a major role in your home’s curb appeal. Choose the right style, shape, and color to match your unique design. For example, clad windows are available in a variety of finishes that can add texture and enhance the architectural style of your house.

Whether your windows feature decorative grilles or shutters, a pop of color can make a big difference in your home’s curb appeal. Choose a color that complements the home’s overall aesthetic—like red on the window casing of a rustic farmhouse or shades of blue surrounding a beach cottage.

When you choose replacement windows that fit your home’s unique style, you can increase your curb appeal while enjoying increased energy efficiency. Get in touch with Blair Exteriors to learn more about your options.

3. Increased Home Value

There are many home improvement projects that can add value to your property, including replacement windows. However, many homeowners overlook this simple but effective way to increase resale value. Investing in high-quality windows can increase your property’s value by as much as 10%.

Bathroom remodeling is another great way to add value to your home. Replacing outdated tubs with modern walk-in showers can make your bathroom more attractive to potential buyers. In addition, modern bathroom fixtures are energy efficient and can help reduce your utility bills.

Hoover is a city located in Jefferson and Shelby Counties in north-central Alabama. It is the sixth largest city in the state and one of the most populous suburbs in the Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan area. The city is home to the Riverchase Galleria mall, and has a vibrant culture that celebrates music and art.

4. Reduced Condensation

A window’s glass surface can become damp with condensation when it meets the dew point during a cool night. This can cause problems in a house, especially if moisture collects in high humidity areas of the home such as bathrooms and kitchens. Standing water can damage uPVC windows and discolour wood frames. It can also lead to black mould which is not only unsightly but is unhealthy.

Double and triple pane windows help reduce condensation and keep your home safe from moisture-related damage. However, if your windows have a lot of condensation that won’t wipe away it is likely a sign of seal failure between the panes. New replacement windows with a quality insulated glass package that uses low emissivity coatings and has argon or krypton gas in between the panes can eliminate this problem and ensure your windows perform properly.

5. Increased Comfort

In addition to being an attractive home feature, high-quality windows are also energy efficient. They reduce heat transfer through the glass and air around the window, keeping homes comfortable and energy bills low. They also prevent condensation, which can cause damage and mold growth.

Window World has a wide selection of styles and sizes. It offers double and single hung windows, casement windows, and awning windows. It also has shaped windows, which add a unique flair to your home.

When choosing new windows, be sure to get accurate measurements of the rough opening. Then, choose a manufacturer that offers windows that are the correct size for your home. If you order a window that’s too small, it can be difficult to install and will create gaps that let in air.