Choosing the Right Material for Window Replacement

Investing in new replacement windows can add value to your home and cut energy costs. New windows can also protect furniture from sun fade, keep carpeting comfortable and prevent drafts.

Look for window contractors that have public and private credentials, and guarantees. Many maintain photo galleries highlighting their past work.


Vinyl windows are an energy-efficient option for Hoover homes, and they don’t warp or rot, making them a budget-friendly choice for home improvement. They can be paired with tinted glass to reduce glare and UV rays and add a modern aesthetic.

Double-hung vinyl windows are the most common window style in homes across the country, and they’re also highly customizable. They open from both the top and bottom and are simple to operate.

Non-opening vinyl windows provide a minimalist aesthetic that complements modern architecture. They can be customized to your exact specifications by background-checked installers. They’re also backed by a lifetime warranty, providing you with peace of mind.


Wood windows offer a classic look that can be appealing to homeowners in places like Rocky Ridge. They are also energy efficient, helping to cut down on power bills in the long run. However, they do require regular maintenance. Look for a company that offers energy-efficient options with double- or triple-glazed Low-E glass. This helps to prevent your floors, carpets, and furniture from fading by filtering out UV rays.

Many top window brands offer unique features that align with Alabama’s energy efficiency standards. For instance, argon gas can be injected between the window panes to boost insulation and decrease energy bills. This is a great option for older homes that are drafty or damaged.


When it comes to window installation, choosing the right material can have a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency. In Hoover, homeowners can choose from a variety of options that will meet their aesthetic and energy efficiency goals.

Energy-efficient windows are designed to keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter. They can also prevent furniture and carpets from fading by filtering out harmful UV rays.

Aluminum windows offer a modern look and are highly durable. They can be installed by background-checked installers. Wood frames add a classic touch to any home and require regular maintenance, but they are more expensive than other materials.


Look for companies with a long track record in window installation and a reputation for high-quality work. Check to see that the company is certified by major brands and has Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance certifications. Look for companies that offer color matching services to ensure your new windows match the existing style of your home.

Choose a company that offers a wide range of styles and materials. A top brand will also have energy-efficient options that align with Alabama’s climate considerations and homeowners’ aesthetic preferences. Harvey windows, for example, are durable and available in wood or vinyl with several energy-saving features. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and resist expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.


Steel windows are solid-rolled frames and sashes that are extremely strong. They are one of the longest lasting window materials and, if maintained properly, can last 80 years or more. They are also more secure than many other types of windows because they are harder to pry open.

To prevent rusting, the metal frame should be thoroughly cleaned and primed. A neat bead of firm setting caulk (low modulus) should be applied to the fixed window frame and where the movable sash will touch it.

A powder coating on the surface of the frame helps protect it from rust, but the window will still need to be regularly washed with mild soap and water. This will help maintain the integrity of the coating.


Replacing windows throughout the house with new, energy-efficient options can help lower energy bills and prevent drafts and moisture problems. A reliable window company can install windows with Low-E glass and argon gas filling, which reduce thermal transfer and keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter. These features can also protect carpets and furnishings from fading due to UV rays.

For a unique aesthetic, background-checked installers can also offer steel windows for Hoover homeowners who want a modern look. Clad wood windows are another option that blends form and function by combining the durability of aluminum with the beauty of wood.